Why, You Might Ask?


Several years ago Jennifer and I went on vacation, a cruise outta LA down along the Mexican Riviera. Don’t know about you but we go on vacation and have a great time.  Upon our return we passionately tell our friends and family about the vacation – the sights we saw, the things we did and the wonderful time we had until the fog of time sets in.  A year after the vacation the memories are few, replaced by the vaguest notion that I enjoyed myself.  The solution is simple, journalize the experience.  This trip I intentionally planned it to coincide with Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead.  I’ve always had a love of the artwork and the celebration of those we’ve lost seems so much better than morning them.  So I added a journaling app to my iPad and off on vacation we went.  Each morning of the trip I’d rise early, hit Starbucks just as it opened, ordering an Americana and a scone then to my stateroom balcony where I’d recap the events of the previous day including pictures.  Throughout the COVID lockdown I’ve relived that vacation multiple times.  Journaling has continued for me, but not with the same dedication.  I started the blog as an extension of my journaling, as a means to connect to others who enjoy a good story, maybe a common interest, and the hope I can help or prevent others from making the same dumb mistakes I am making.  

How I got into pens

My wife calls me a nerd and I frequently muse the question: “Why Do I Collect Pens?” But as I see it there are probably two basic types of “collectors,” those who collect as an investment, and those who collect because they simply use, appreciate and enjoy what they collect – I am of the latter. I caught the bug while on a business trip to Hong Kong where I acquired a “Mont Blanc.” (Stop laughing I know it’s not real.) To the extent one might call what I’ve accumulated as a “collection,” I view it as an assembled group of mostly vintage writing instruments – fountain pens primarily. Each is visually attractive, mechanically interesting, representing a by-gone-era and each comes with it’s own story.

Tell a good story

I have always enjoyed a good story, be it oral, be it written. As I hold a vintage pen especially those with the owner’s name stamped on it, I feel there is a story waiting to be known. Maybe I have an overactive imagination, or hopelessly sentimental, both I’m sure, but these vintage writing instruments have a story to tell. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to know the provenance, sometimes I just imagine what letters it may have written? The stories it told; where they happy or sad? Did it write passionate love letters or was it a simple tool in a business work place?

Often the condition and age help trigger my imagination which gets to the genesis of this blog. I hope to add a new chapter to the story of a select few fountain pens as I endeavor to bring those pens back from the brink of extinction. In short, this blog will primarily detail the refurbishment of pens in poor to very poor condition. I hope through these stories I can encourage, empower and incentivize others to endeavor to give those same pens a new life and another story to be told.