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My Favorite Quote: Handwritten (Happy New Year)

Let’s have some fun, what’s your favorite quote, saying, or wish for the new year. Write it down and share with the world. It doesn’t matter if you use a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or a #2 pencil – write it down. Typing is so blah and impersonal, enjoy the effort and create something worth sharing. And don’t worry about your handwriting, mine’s atrocious.


  • Esterbrook SJ, 9556 Firm Fine nib
  • American Pencil Co #1156, Esterbrook Drawlet nibs #3 & #5
  • Hero 395, Fine nib
  • Conklin All America, Medium nib


  • De Atramentis – Fog Grey
  • Scribo – Chianti Red
  • Waterman – Serenity Blue
  • Pelican – 4001 Black

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How about the way you write

I came across this topic while “discovering” potential blogs. I read somewhere that handwriting can be attributed to 5,000 personal traits. I guess it falls under handwriting analysis (aka graphology) and can be used to identify if the writer is telling stories (lying like a rug) and possibly identifying health ailments. As it ties very nicely with fountains pens, I thought I’d share.

From physiological conditions like high blood pressure and schizophrenia to personality traits like dominance and aggression: if you can write by hand, graphologists can analyze you.

I checked and handwriting that is sloppy as Hell and nearly illegible is not apparently an analyzed type. Seemed like fun so I took the handwriting quiz (it’s like 5 questions) and this is what they found

Use the links below to learn more, take the test and see what your hand writing says about you – have fun. Please let me know if you take the test and the results, lets laugh about it!

Handwriting Analysis and Personality Quiz

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