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Doodle Journal

Stress Relief & Memory Recall

What a surprise, it appears doodling offers health benefits, primarily stress release. It is said that our brains work better with the structure of coherent stories, but sometimes there are gaps in these stories. Doodling helps fill these gaps by activating your brain’s “unfocus” synapses, giving your “focus” synapses a break, resulting in increased creativity and problem-solving. Doodling has also been shown to increase memory recall by as much as 29%. Feel free to doodle away during that next “important” conference call, plus it makes you look like you are taking copious notes.

Doodling along the way

Why am I back on the topic of doodling? Welp, my current journal is nearing the end. Once that is reached, the journal will be unceremonially tossed into the recycling bin. With it will go a bunch of doodles. In an effort to avoid thinking too hard (it is December), I’ve decided to share some doodles before they become lost to memory. and the recycle man.

Bright Shiny Objects
Breakfast on the run
There is a theme here
Listening to Sgt Pepper’s
To success
Nothing is free
Need vs Want is always the root of the problem
The famous error ID-10T error
I got the Shingles shot this day
Itsy-Bitsy spider, ok it looks like an ant
Troubled waters?

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up my day job. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my insanity. I am considering starting a journal just for the doodles. I guess we will see what inspiration finds me in the new year.

Don’t forget, if you are feeling “stuck,” can’t concentrate, or your mind is wandering … it’s time to doodle.