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Ink Usage Tracking

Let’s be honest, I hated the first several versions of this post and had every intention of skipping it. Yup, I was going to skip a post this week; however, I decided on the last rewrite to add a little comedy. I am going on the record as suggesting you skip this post as it is boring and lame.

As you have learned, I keep track of my pens, nibs, and ink usage using software called Airtable. This is the fourth and last discussion detailing how I use Airtable to manage my collection. To recap, Airtable is an online software database for dummies (like me). Each base is divided into tabs, one to detail pens, another for manufacturers, plus I have two focusing on inks and today’s topic.

As my wife likes to remind me, I suffer from a condition known as “old man’s brain” – I forget stuff. To help mitigate my condition I use Airtable to track my ink usage (if I remember that is).

Let’s begin with the inks. As I buy acquire inks I enter them on the “Inks” tab. Basic info, ink name, manufacturer, if it’s waterproof, and type of ink (dye vs pigment vs wine).

As I ink up a pen, I complete the data on the “Inked Up” tab, creating a link to the pen and nib, I also have the option to specify notes containing my impression and if the ink is worthy of another go. Assuming of course I wasn’t feeling lazy and remembered to actually update the tab.

What I enjoy is the “Ink” tab tracks each time I used the ink. If I click an entry on the list, the detail appears including the pen and nib used when I inked the pen. A great memory aid, assuming I entered the data when the pen was inked up. It would appear I inked up a pen in May 2022, I doubt very much there is a pen still inked up from 2022. Just another example of a case of “old man’s brain.”



I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

8 thoughts on “Ink Usage Tracking

  1. I have trouble with what inks I have in my pens.
    So I write things down on a notebook.
    This has the same as your program, I have to remember to write it down first.

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    1. Remembering to do it is the issue. I sued to write stuff down. I had journals and folders full of paper/notes. In no time it becomes hard or imp[ossible to find anything. So I began looking for an online option. If I forget I can always pull out my phone and make a note. Best of luck.


  2. The penny dropped. My Microsoft ‘insert table’ that I used for nurse essay projects would suit this. Your own pen collection far exceeds my own. And yet I struggle to remember what is what. The combinations you describe in your past few posts regarding this system help a lot. Memory issues are annoying to say the least. So I will need something to keep track. I suppose it’s helpful too to print for a hard copy. Cheers Danny.

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      1. Seems you have your thorough base knowledge down. Then an ongoing analysis of performance values. Sounds perfect. Saves repeating a combination of pen and ink that doesn’t work. Highlights pen and ink best friends too. Cheers Danny.

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  3. Whoa, you really are taking things to the next level. Maybe that’s why I enjoy having only one or two pens inked at a time. Because I just can’t stand having to track, or worse, not knowing which pen is inked.

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