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Enjoy Your Local Libraries (National Library Week is starting)

Isn’t the cover picture the coolest? FB was busy spying on me and noticed my interest in libraries, etc. Naturally, this popped up in my feed, looks very Harry Potterish, don’t you think? It is the Book Reimagined art display in Leadenhall Market, London. I haven’t been able to identify this photo to credit the photographer or the artist who design the display.

I’ve always been fond of libraries. I love their smell, and the ambiance (you should have seen me at the state archives). Not everyone can share my enthusiasm. For some, a library can be a terrifying place. A place that upon entering, they feel as if they have entered a world that does not want them there. But it is just a library you say. Be thankful you are not dyslexic. Read more at Why Books, Libraries And Writing Can Be Terrifying Places For Some.

National Library Week

Studies found that by the mid-1950s, Americans spent most of their free time listening to the radio, watching TV, and playing musical instruments. Concerned that people were not reading enough, the American Library Association agreed to sponsor the first National Library Week in 1958. The week-long event was developed with the intent of motivating people to read as well as to support and show appreciation for their local libraries. The 1958 inaugural theme was ‘‘Wake up and Read!’’ That sounds like good advice today.

The theme for National Library Week 2023, is “There is more to the story.” Is there more to a library than a place full of books, how about, Is there a place for the library in the 21st Century

If I haven’t lost you yet, National Library Week runs from April 23 to 29 this year. I challenge you to dash into your local library and borrow your favorite book or find a new favorite. I’ve spent endless hours in libraries, studying for exams, researching, borrowing books, and going through free magazines, newspapers, and journals.

Local Libraries

I intended to end this with some amazing, breathtaking photos of libraries worldwide and in Gallery 2 some average, down-to-earth libraries. As I do not want to open myself to copyright infringement by posting photos, I’m also providing links to the sources.

What book(s) did you check out at the library? What did you think of those libraries? Does anyone have other drop-dead library recommendations?



I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

18 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Local Libraries (National Library Week is starting)

  1. I enjoy going to libraries too. Of course, when they are bigger and super beautiful, it’s really a lot of fun!! The ones you have shown are spectacular. I’m reading a Jeffery Archer, “Nothing Ventured,” right now. It’s very good.


  2. Can’t beat a library visit. It was an essential from school days and still beyond to current times. Even picking up vinyl records as well as books back when I was a youth was special. Bought many a piece of vinyl after being able to listen to it first by borrowing to see if I liked it. And, actually, those library book and vinyl selling sales were also brilliant. You mentioned educational learning. A lot of my nurse books bought on line were ex library. Great links and photo inclusions too. Good vibes post. Cheers.

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  3. Thanks for linking to my library’s post, Danny.

    The only thing I’ll be popping in the library for this week is recycling bags. Unfortunately, it’s the only place I can get them. Unless I ask somebody else to pick some up for me. But I hate asking. Thankfully, the library assistants always give me plenty of recycling bags.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. WP is being persnickety today. This is my 3rd reply, I hope the others simply vanished. Anyway. Libraries are more than just book depositories, they are part of the community. They offer a variety of services, most residents do not consider. Unfortunately, the bathrooms in our local libraries have become a place for drug users to get high resulting in the temporary closure of the library. All the best.


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