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Delike New Moon 3

Let’s begin with I am not promoting or condoning the theft of intellectual property (IP). There are many pen manufacturers producing knockoff pens virtually immune to prosecution. Yes, I have purchased several knockoff pens and this is the story of one.

Chinese fountain pen manufacturer Shanghai Jingdian produces the brands Moonman aka Majohn and Delike. Known for better quality fountain pens and some notoriety for their blatant copying of pens like the Kaweco Sport, Leonardo MZ, Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66, and Sailor Pro Gear Slim fountain pens.

Kaweko failing in Chinese courts retaliates and registers “Moonman” trademark in the EU, then begins filling trademark infringement suits. Jingdian subsequently rebrands the Moonman line as Majohn.

My Pen

A Delike New Moon 3 is “inspired” by the Sailor Pro Gear Slim. When I purchased the pen it was advertised as including a Fude nib. The nib was a significant factor in my decision to purchase the pen. I was interested in trying a Fude nib, but the price was right ($13) and I frequently purchase inexpensive Chines pens with features unfamiliar to me as a test medium. As I mentioned, this pen was advertised with a Fude nib to my surprise it has a Waverly nib or so it appears.

At first impressions, this is not a cheap feeling pen. It is heavy and solid, an impressive pen. All parts other than the converter are metal, and the barrel, and cap are covered in a lacquer finish. The pen color is Bamboo Green. I find it particularly attractive.

The accessories are all chrome over metal. All threads are metal not plastic. The clip is a chrome finish and very stiff, decorated with tiered rectangles running its length. The clip holds firm against the cap but easily bends left or right across the cap if pushed laterally. Overall this design compliments the chrome end pieces the cap is screwed on and removes after 1.5 turns.

I bought the pen primarily because the seller advertised it as a Fude nib. Let’s define Fude vs Waverly. A Fude nib is bent up at an angle, while a Waverly nib has a gentle upturn and almost looks like it was dropped on the floor. Therefore, my pen has an EF Waverly nib, not a Fude nib.

The converter (compatible with New Moon 1 and New Moon 2). The spring is an interesting option, Pilot has small bearings to keep the ink stirred when shaken. The converter filled completely after three cycles of the mechanism.

Now that I have inked it up let’s see how well the pen writes with this nib. I used De Artamentis Black Red Document ink. I could not believe how well the nib felt. Clearly a future post.

After a weekend, the pen started immediately. It is very smooth and looks great for an EF nib. Since it is Waverly I helped the pen in a multitude of odd angles and it performed beautifully. I have to see if I can move the nib to other pens.

Vital Statistics

  • Capped length: 124.5mm
  • Uncapped length: 117mm
  • Barrel diameter: 12.25mm
  • Cap diameter: 14mm
  • Weights in at 36g


I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

9 thoughts on “Delike New Moon 3

  1. Very nice write up for what looks like a very nice pen. These Chinese pens are being applauded in many cases as performing amazingly well for their prices. I love the Fude and Waverley nibs on dip nib choices. Never tried a fountain pen option. Having a little cash to spend after buying some inks I may well be tempted after your review. Cheers Danny. All the best.

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    1. Thanks Gray. Chinese pens are a good value. I do consider them long term disposable. I really have to admit I like the way it writes. This is my first exposure to a Waverley nib. I am very impressed. I got the pen on Amazon, paid $13 gage prices accordingly. And I enjoyed your song BTW. All the best.

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      1. The nibs are apparently hit and miss. But I have read somewhere that there are some companies that finely tune them before they sell them. I found that all the fude/Waverley dip nibs were really pleasing to use. Thanks for the song nod. Much appreciated. Been trying to change some lyrics into prose. Struggling still. 😊 All the best.

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  2. Thanks for your post, I was not aware of the waverly nib :-). I also have some knockoff pens and most of them (the Jinhao’s) write well. Sometimes they have some quality issues, but compared to the expensive ones, they do a good job.
    I don’t know if the new Montblanc Meisterstück 149 Calligraphy Curved Nib does compare with a waverly nib?

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    1. Pilot is the manufacturer most commonly marketing pens with these nibs. The Waverley name is associated with dip pens while Pilot markets Waverly for the fountain pen. I’ve read MB is now offering a version.

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  3. Like you, I have been testing Chinese pens, most recently those from Delike, Jinhao, and Wing Sung. To my surprise, Jinhao offers a nib that would qualify as a fude based on your criteria. The model is the Jinhao 100 Classic bent nib. I found it on Amazon with a photo that shows how bent the nib is. Can send you a link if you would like.


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