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It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup?

I started the month rotating in a Sheaffer Taranis. It wasn’t originally planned for rotation; however, as I inked it up for a review I just had to keep it in rotation. What a joy it was having this pen in rotation.

The usual suspects this month. I rotated out the Waterman Philéas and the Sheaffer Taranis. Replacing them with a Wing Sung 3013 (more on this another day). Still in rotation include the Pilot Prera, and the Wing Sung 601.

For April, I am rotating in an Esterbrook Dollar pen with a 9461 Ridgid Fine nib for “manifold” writing. Manifold nibs are intended to be used with carbon paper. This pen is 85 years old.

Did you miss any of the prior month’s blog posts? Welp, here is your chance to catch up…

  • It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup? Let’s see how I started March with a review of February. It’s a new month and time to shelve your current choice of pens in favor of new pens or those that may be long forgotten and feeling neglected. Also, let’s review how did the pens from last month fared? Also included is a recap of the month’s posts.
  • Osmiroid Interchangeable Nibs Osmiroid produced regular writing nibs (Rola) and the popular calligraphy nibs are interchangeable with vintage Esterbrook pens. They made left-handed nibs and special-purpose nibs for writing music and sketching – wow who would have thought.
  • Parker “Instant Modern” Style Several years ago I purchased a Parker IM Special Edition Fountain Pen. I got to thinking, what does IM stand for, welp it could be “Instant Message” it is a pen…..
  • Blogiversary 2 Wow, it has been 2 years. I started the blog to connect with like-minded individuals who view writing instruments as a thing of beauty. At the time I assumed that there would be 3 like-minded people. Thanks for proving me wrong.
  • Ink Sac Talc and Asbestos Recently I stumbled onto a blogger who only posts once annually. The current topic is pen talc and asbestos. Funny how that little wisp of white floating out of a fountain pen lever slit now feels ominous, instead of satisfying.
  • Story of My First Pen What was the pen that got me hooked? Interesting question and a fun trip down memory lane. After trying several pens dumb luck saved the day. You have time – right?
  • A Vintage Pen Condition Rating System Often owners of pens only concern themselves with how the pen writes. For those who collect and use vintage pens, the shape and condition of the pen is also relevant. I decided to try and qualify each pen with a conditional rating system.

In the News

Update, I bought a box set of Ronald Dahl’s books prior to their censorship and sanitization – yeah me! In case you forgot… ‘Fat’ and ‘ugly’ have been cut from Roald Dahl children’s books. Future editions of the beloved children’s books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Twits, and The Witches will be sanitized.

The sanitization of books continues, this time it is Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming. I really don’t understand the difference between banning a book because the content is offensive to some or editing a book because the content is offensive to some. It is all about intent. If the author intends to publish hate – ban the book. If it is common for a time (ie the 1930s) or character development then a particular thought or choice of words is appropriate. Removing it is censorship. In Death on the Nile, the character Mrs. Allerton complains that a group of children is pestering her, “they come back and stare, and stare, and their eyes are simply disgusting, and so are their noses, and I don’t believe I really like children.” The new and improved version reads “they come back and stare, and stare. And I don’t believe I really like children.” I am not feeling the depth of depravity nor is my disdain for the character the same in the sanitized version. Used bookstores here I come.

A school in Martin County Florida has banned Jame Patterson’s novel Maximum Ride, one of a series of young adult fantasy novels. The school district officials claim the novel is “radically” unfit for children even though not one of the school board members read the book. When asked for comment Mr. Paterson replied, “If you are going to ban this book, then no kids under 12 should go to any Marvel movies.”

CNN reporting from the Manila Pen show; “6 people with seriously swoon-worthy handwriting.” Speaking as someone who has horrible handwriting, “the sight of other people’s neatly spaced writing can still take your breath away. Here are some people whose handwriting can inspire you to pick up the pen and practice your way to becoming the scribe of your dreams.”

Blog Announcement

I’m occupied with a major home improvement project that is consuming nearly all my free time. I normally publish 7 times each month; however, in April I will be scaling back to no more than four posts. I hope to have things back to normal in May.



I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

4 thoughts on “It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup?

  1. Great to see the choice blog again Danny. I don’t know any of the pens you have decided upon. Currently it is coming up to 06.00 on a Sunday here in the UK. So it’ll be nice to look them up. Love your ‘in the news’ also. Banning or altering books! I could write an essay. It is pure and simply sacrilege. And it will be the decision of a few probably. Journalism is the same. Altering facts to suit agenda. Your insights the news’ does get the brain cogs a-whirring. When you criticise your own writing I do despair. Individuality is a unique flavour to be savoured. The world would be pretty boring without it. My brother was left handed and his style was so quirky it shone. I love Marc Bolan’s handwriting. Art produced with its collective shapes. Cheers for your thoughts again and good to see your home projects are started. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sanitizing literature for political correctness should be a crime. I love beautiful handwriting. I study yours when you post examples. The artistry and flamboyance is inspiring. Keep it up. The 3013 is a very inexpensive pen I bought for the ink it holds. I bought it for the Majorelle Blue ink I found. I paid $5.50 which includes shipping and tax. The seller of the ink warned of damage to the pen. I bought this one to experiment with the ink and it’s impact on the pen. I am publishing a review of the Esterbrook next week, please look for that. All the best

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Poetry next for challenge and change? Song lyrics? Who knows? Thanks for the nod on my handwriting. I tend to go from one extreme of concentrated effort into fun scrawl. But somehow the letters retain their shapes dependant on each other. Capitals within lower case and change, change, change depending on space available within the words. It becomes a process of where to occupy space really. Also. Depends on the pen, ink and nib. I’m finding the Conway Stewart 286 a belter. It delivers a great experience and the Parker Duofold too. Some pens become erratic when writing with them. They slip and slide or miss lettering strokes. Aaaah! I’m talking to the guy that has been there and has the T-Shirt here though with you Danny. Sorry. I did look up the Wing Sung pens you posted about. I haven’t bought from this site, but I am aware that he is pretty close to where we live. An hour and a half away. I keep promising to myself that I will go visit. Have a quick look if you have time. He currently has both your Wing Sung models for sale and gives nice descriptive summaries of both pens. He likens the 3013 filling system to an Onoto one. Really look forward to your future descriptions and feedback re: the Esterbrook. I’d love to get one simply from the quality of longevity in containing ink in the dip nib without adding an ink reservoir. The a Relief 314 dip nib. Cheers Danny and all the best.


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