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Jetpack, Addition through subtraction

“Stats, Notifications, and the Reader – have a new home: the Jetpack app! These features will soon be removed from the WordPress app”

This is totally off-topic and it will not be a recurring feature, but I just wanted to vent. In case you did not read the press release, WP is splitting its blogging app into two parts: the blogging app and the et al app known as Jetpack. It sounds like this is only happening to the mobile app…. for now.

“Simply download the Jetpack app and you’ll be “auto-magically” logged in with all your content in place.”

Excuse my English but bullyshit. I made the switch on my iPad. It was a PITA, I had to delete the Jetpack app reinstall and try it again. Finally got it working after I stumbled onto an issue in my WP blog setup. I corrected that issue, and was then able to convert the blogs (yes I have 2), well sort of – I lost stuff. Better yet, in my fun sarcastic blog (it follows our Frenchie and her view of worldly things), I have all the posts but they are verboten to me. I can’t even display them. Yet, all the statistics, comments, followers, etc are there but no posts. WTH, stats but no posts! And the conversion blew away my profile picture. I know, no biggy but when you are already pissed! The only benefit I see is a trend graph of visitors over the last 7 days. I turned that off, I don’t care, I do this for fun. Maybe that is my problem, I don’t care, but clearly, I do. This isn’t fun!

This is when my wife tells me I’m manic and need an anger management class. I told her Mindfulness is failing me at the moment.

“Either app is available for you to use. Once you’ve decided which app is best for you, please delete the other. Managing your site across both apps is currently unsupported and may lead to issues like data conflicts.”

Great, so now I will use the Jetpack app for this blog and the WP app for the Frenchie blog, all because I cannot switch between sites anymore. Yes, there is an option to switch sites, just like the old WP beloved app but that is when the verboten thing happens. I’m sure I could post new stuff, but what about the old stuff? Why is it hidden from me? Addition through subtraction!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I don’t have a computer. All my blogging is done on my phone or an iPad. This means I have no recourse, I’m nothing but victimized. Yes, I occasionally I will use the “work” computer to log into the WP website to edit a post with a block that is not available on the mobile app (which there are many).

I feel better now. Hopefully, your experience will not be like mine. Let me know how it goes.


I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

20 thoughts on “Jetpack, Addition through subtraction

  1. I resist the changes as long as humanly possible, but they eventually happen and I hate them. I’ve low-key loathed the ‘blocks’ editor since they first showed up. Fortunately, I have a laptop that I can blog from, because the blocks DO NOT work for me on mobile, unless I want a photo-free blog. I always hate it when they do stuff like this, because it makes a simple process much more difficult and glitchy– but they always frame it like it’s a benefit to us, the users. And it never is. It just ends up being a glitchy PITA.

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    1. I found the blocks much easier on the iPad than the “work” computer. But that is using the WP website for editing. It is all about what works for you. I’m really annoyed I need to use 2 different applications, one for each blog.


  2. Yeah… I’m an ex-developer and rule number (insert low integer depending on personal vlaue system) is “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!”
    Later, as a product manager I’ve pushed back many times on the “let’s redesign the whole architecture, it’ll be so much better”… only offering instability and annoyance to a user base that doesn’t give a fig for what’s under the hood.
    I also struggle with blocks/images and have yet to figure out how to get centred captions like the good old days, or get the cropping of images to work. I’m sure I could eventually figure it out or read up on it somewhere… but why?! It used to work fine…
    If I was paying, I’d be even more annoyed.

    Thanks – that’s better! 🙂

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  3. This Jetpack is popping up a lot in a ‘window’ with the suggestion you described. Accessing the app I haven’t noticed a ‘don’t ask again’ option. So far it’s been ignored and bypassed. When you have a system you feel comfortable with it rankles when it’s messed up. So sympathy sent to you. Thanks for your upload on this because it means we can be very wary. I bet a search here on WordPress would find out other bloggers writing about this subject. Cheers.

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      1. I looked at your link and the comments section was quite insightful. Going to watch this one with earnest. Figure out limitations. If they become too much and not suitable for ease and insights, I will copy all my posts, paste and file them on my iPad for posterity keeping and move elsewhere. Happens a fair bit with apps. Your device hasn’t got the capability to upload updates because it gets ‘too old’ and not enough storage space. Like yourself I too pay for the premium plan. PITA is a great description. Cheers Danny for the awareness.

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      2. Keep in mind this is my experience and may not be yours or others. I hope the process goes smoothly for you. Yesterday I was looking at other services entertaining moving but I like WP and don’t want take such a drastic action.

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      3. Cheers. I will, as said, keep a close eye. Leave it where it is as a WP app. If it gets too diminished with quality over the coming weeks and they do move quality content to Jetpack? It’s a forced move. Pushed into another sphere. So will definitely look elsewhere. I only use the iPad. My wife bought me a new, decent one too. Interestingly. That has a different port system (lightning to USB/C) as you know. So old attached equipment cannot be used. Apple are controlling user use too. Modern technology hey! All the best Danny.

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  4. You certainly aren’t alone. There just is no better way to say it, but WordPress now SUCKS. I would hate to abandon Inkophile but it just doesn’t work like it used to and I have no interest in learning to navigate the “improvements”. My second blog is on HostGator using WordPress, over a year old and I have yet to see any stats or other data that I would use for management purposes. I feel lucky to get a post to upload correctly. So you aren’t alone in your dissatisfaction with WordPress. Please let us know if you find something better. Oh, and I am paying for both blogs which is a total waste of money. Hrumph!

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    1. Now that I’ve had some time to use Jetpack exclusively with this blog the improvements go mostly unnoticed. It looks and feels just like WP we are familiar with. I’m still using WP for the second blog because I cannot get Jetpack to work with two. It is not all bad but it is still super annoying.


      1. It seems counterproductive to limit Jetpack to one blog but they are the geniuses who came up with it in the first place. As someone said earlier, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. I would add unless you need to justify keeping your job. 🤪

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