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Oops, I’m doing it yet again, welp I figured my Doodling post was lame-o, so I decided to supplement my weekly offering. Making amends for spelling and grammar issues may I present a BEAutiful 90-year-old pen with a most unusual nib on an Esterbrook V-Clip. Click the Ping Back to read the full story.

The Esterbrook V-Clip


“The pen is not assigned an official name; however, its popular name comes from the “V” styling of the large open clip. Esterbrook is considered a tier 2 manufacturer but they used stainless steel in the manufacture of their clips while their tier 1 competition still used electroplating. This pen was Esterbrook’s first attempt at a self-filling fountain pen in the U.S. Manufacturing of fountain pens started in 1932, the pens were available in hard rubber and in celluloid (plastic). The clip proved to be a major design disaster, as the flimsy metal often caused sprung clips, or worse, broken clips. Esterbrook designers quickly changed to the more common two-hole clip found on their “Dollar” pens. The V-Clip pen was only manufactured for a little more than a year. It is hard to find V-Clip pens and quite uncommon, even rare to find them in colors other than black.”

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