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Fountain Pen Day 11 Haul

This year I was planning on just buying a new ink, which I did but then I stumbled across a special offer on a Sheaffer Prelude. The pen was being offered (FPD only) at the bargain price of $25. Amazon offers it at $65. I hummed and hawed for several hours. I wasn’t in the market for this pen, or any pen really, just some ink. It got the better of me.

Of course, when checking out, the seller was nice enough to remind me that for a couple dollars more I would qualify for FREE shipping. That’s right FREE shipping. There is a sucker born every day. The next thing I knew two inks, and a Kaweco short converter has joined the pen in my cart. But I got FREE shipping.

Sunshine Orange

Gorilla Deep Maroon Red

Werewolf Grey

The ITF technology used by Monteverde is an additive to improve ink flow – I’ll let you know how that works out. Additionally, all three inks are due based inks, they are not waterproof, and lack sheen.

I was in the market for the converted – the Benu Skull pen uses short ones and I needed a couple more dollars on the order for FREE shipping! Looking back at this ordeal, I came to realized that FREE shipping cost me nearly 4x what I would have paid for standard shipping. My wife, being the compassionate soul that she is, reminded me that I am a gullible loser. Yeah, but a happy one.



I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

12 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Day 11 Haul

  1. Like the look of those inks albeit lacking sheen. It’s exciting getting a new ink to try. I’m avoiding the converter option in the Kaweko. View to filling an empty cartridge with bottled ink instead. Realised how important ink choice is just recently when I put Montblanc mystery black into the Typhoo pen after the lovely Sheaffer black was accepted by the pen when first choice. It didn’t behave at all with the MB. So it’ll be great to read how you find the inks with specific pens and nib sizes and how they work out. Postage? I’d rather have a few items than pay for a stamp and envelope. Good for the soul. Cheers.

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    1. Unfotunately, I only have 1 extra cartridge available for several pens, I needed options. Inks, are funny. Depending on the pen, nib, and paper the results can be drastically different much like your experience. The only ink I am seeing constant results is the Pelikan 4001 black except when using a 14k nib – tends to be very wet. Chers

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      1. Pelikan has been described as an all rounder by other bloggers. Never tried it out. So on the chase to hunt it down now and give it a try now that you have also highlighted it. Just ordered 20 Diamine international standard cartridges off eBay for £4.99 and free postage. Got tons of the generic ones and they’re great to put a few in the bag to do a quick change. Refilling them? Lost my syringe and needle so have to get another. You’re spot on correct with the combinations conundrum. I hate it when a journal takes on a huge ink blot from time to time. All the best.

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      1. I’m glad you think so. But to celebrate FPD 2022, I purchased a Pilot Custom 823 (I got 20% off), which hardly justifies being excited in the moment, as you aptly said. I had been eyeing that model for quite a long time. I am super-duper happy with my purchase right now… either that or I am yet to experience the buyer’s dissonance. (ROFL) I think, YET AGAIN, you prompted me to write something. I will create a post on my new acquisition: the Pilot Custom 823. I have paired it with a beautiful shading ink called Bronze Leaf from Krishna Inks (Super Rich series). I can hardly stop advertising how lovely the couple looks together.

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      2. The 823 is a lovely pen, there is a brown model I find very appealing but have not been able to justify a purchase – as yet. I am intrigued by your choice of ink color. I had to google it. I do like that color.

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  2. Lol, three inks and a converter is definitely wayyy more than ‘a couple more dollars’. But I get it. I’m always suckered into that deal as well. What’s worse is when there aren’t any items that’s worth a couple more dollars and I have to spend like $15 more for free shipping. Dammit.

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