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It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup?

At the beginning of July, I inked up the Esterbrook Jr, dressed in Tuxedo Black. This was the first time using this pen so I was super geeked. I am unhappy that it simply stopped writing after a week, but the converter is full of ink. Also at the beginning of the month, I mentioned that the color didn’t thrill me and still doesn’t.

The usual suspects are inked up and still in use; Pilot Prera, Esterbrook J, and the Scrikss 419 (with red ink).

For August, I am running with the Conklin Empire. I inked it up for the review, might as well run it dry. I’ll tell you how it fared next month.

Did you miss any of the past month blog posts? Welp, here is your chance to catch up…

  • It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup? It’s a new month and time to shelve your current choice of pens in favor of new pens or those that may be long forgotten and feeling neglected. Also, let’s review how the pens from last month fared. A recap of the month’s postings.
  • Lifetime Guarantees and FTC US pen manufacturers began offering unconditional warranties on their top-line models. Resulting in the FTC outlawing “lifetime guarantees” – but did they?
  • The Conklin Empire (Strikes Back) Conklin Empire, does strike back – against the image Yafa Brands bring. The Empire is inspired by the last pen designed by Conklin prior to the acquisition and includes significant engineering options.
  • Handwriting, a Lost Art, or Victim of Technology and Common Core Standards Both handwriting and reading are interrelated. The ability to write by hand not only improves motor skills but also the ability to better generate ideas and retain information. So why is it a lost art?
  • Ink-o-graph Sty·lo·graph·ic Stylographic pens, sometimes called “stylos,” have a writing tip made of a metal tube with a fine wire inside to regulate the ink flow. Stylos predate fountain pens but are generally frowned upon by pen enthusiasts. My pen impressed me, living up to the sales hype from 1928.

In the News

Manufacturers, dealers, and lovers of fountain pens in India are feeling the effect of a 12% to 18% increase in GST on ink. The tax hike is bound to make the ink more expensive, coupled with a significant increase in the price of raw material and packaging, expect to see a negative impact on your wallet soon.


I was recently in attendance at the local Renaissance Festival; while enjoying a cider, turkey leg, and jousting, sitting near us was a young girl, she was 12ish and a “ginger” like her mom and brother. Sporting Elvish ear decorations (which went very well with her red hair – why I mention her hair color), she was alternating sketching with cheers of “Huzzah” during the jousting match. Yes, sketching, she had a small sketchbook, maybe 3×4″, a pencil – really just a stub with a metal end cap.

This made me recall the days when I was a boy and vacationing with my parents. I too would bring a sketchbook; however, my parents did not feel it was an appropriate use of my time. I can happily say this girl’s parents were encouraging her plus it was great to see a “young” person doing anything that did not involve a cell phone and the latest Tik-Tok challenge.


I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

4 thoughts on “It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup?

  1. I’m staying familiar. Montblanc #34, Faber Castell x2 (Ambition and Essentio), Swan Mabie Todd and the Kaweco Brass Sport. I will use the Visconti cartridges of red and blue in the Faber Castell’s. Quink in the MB#34. Simple black WHSmith Kaweco. Diamine Oxblood and Sherwood Green in the Swan. Currently, just started writing out my old song lyrics, picking up the dreadnought Guild guitar and changing a few things around to suit acoustic. I heard Roddy Frame do it to one of his faster electric songs, Somewhere in my Heart. So I was inspired. Familiarity in using the same guitar and Change in songs’ tempo. There you go Danny. That’s what’s in the August pen pot. All the best.

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    1. Faber Castell, I’ve been considering an Ambition or an E-Motion. Found a really good price on an Ambition, new in the box, just haven’t made up my mind. Picked up a Kaweco Student Demonstrator last month – the EUR/USD fx rates made that an easy decision. Thanks for the comment

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      1. Hi Danny. I bought the two FC’s from a charity shop in Worcester. I had never seen them before but they looked outwardly nice. On trying them out and reading the reviews I was really glad I’d found them both. Although the Ambition is more expensive, the Essentio is my preferred of the two. Beautiful consistent writers. Even after not picking up for a few weeks they produce from the first laying down of nib. The Kaweco I wanted after watching a YouTube pen enthusiast saying it was her all time fave. Aesthetically it is beautiful. Ambition? Can’t go wrong. The nib design allows the consistent flow apparently. All the best.

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