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Esterbrook M2 Aerometric Pen

Company Back Story

Esterbrook introduced their first aerometric filler in the late 1950’s calling it the M2. The pen sported a metallic cap and plastic barrel in a period favorite color. The plastic used is soft compared to other pens, or but typical of late Esterbrook manufacture. M2’s are easily recognizable by their indented cap and plastic threads.

Esterbrook marketed for a limited time, a contemporary version of the M2. The new M2 Series incorporated the design of the original model with subtle modern details. The contemporary M2 Series is made from a special resin material developed to authenticate the feel and colors of the 1950’s. Each pen features a brushed metal cap and a specially design clip. The barrel has been etched and colored with an updated Esterbrook logo. Photo Credit: Fahrney’s Pens

My Pen

This M2 is in great shape, no scratches, no teeth marks. I even like the color of blue, seems very 1950’s to me. The pen has an aerometric filler. Admittedly, this is my first pen with an aerometric filler.

M2 Aerometric Filler

The plastic of the barrel and section “feels” odd to me if that makes sense. It’s doesn’t have a hard feeling like celluloid or acrylic, nor is it soft, it simply feels like plastic. The section is made of the same plastic as are the cap threads. The plastic threads are a concern. I imagine with some less meticulously maintain pens the cap threads are stripped.

The metallic cap has horizontal etched rings. Esterbrook is engraved on the cap band, M2 models are easy to spot because of the unique top of the cap – it dips in.

The aft end of the barrel is an air hole but honestly I spent a week looking at other examples under the assumption there was a jewel from the end, but noooooo.

The pen writes nicely, here I was using an Esterbrook 2668 Firm Medium nib. In my hand, the weight and size of the pen are most agreeable. I don’t post the cap. The ink is De Atramentis Black Red.

Bottom Line

I enjoyed using the pen. It feels comfortable when in hand. The Aerometric filler works well. The feel of the plastic is not something I’m familiar with and the air hole in the end is well ugly and cheap looking.

Overall, I am happy with the pen. It makes a nice vintage everyday pen with a 1950’s nostalgic look.

Vital Statistics

  • Capped length. 134mm
  • Uncapped length. 124mm
  • Barrel diameter 11mm
  • Cap diameter 12mm
  • Weighs in at 18g
  • Esterbrook.Net; M2


I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

6 thoughts on “Esterbrook M2 Aerometric Pen

  1. Now I know the name of the ink filler I have in a couple of my pens. 😆 Now I’ll have to look to see which ones. My ‘aerometric’ fillers (no longer named ‘squeezeables) don’t produce a full ink supply. Even after a few ‘squeezes’. The metal tube sleeve housing around the push bars comes off on one of them too. Makes it easier to use. Nice write up. By the way. I’m getting no email notifications of any of my WordPress followings. So I need to look into that. Sorry if I miss any posts. You’re always worth a read. All the best. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My WP new post emails also stopped. I’m glad it’s just not me. As for the aerometric filler. I feel it is one of the least effective and a bit of a PITA to use. I have a post in a couple weeks about a Mabie Todd which has the most efficient filler – in my opinion. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very frustrating when you have to go looking down a long list of entries. You hit a few only. With long days filled with gardening rebuild currently, I grab a quick search before choosing specific known likes and only a few others randomly. I’m reading less WordPress posts than before. Shame really. When an email arrived it was hit the link and read. Looking forward to a Mabie Todd inclusion. I have the two and they are much cherished. All the best.

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  3. I just signed in to my Google webpage directly. I see what you mean. Hence I just caught this one and can answer. I just have to remember to save passwords when deleting a Google search history I suppose. I’m a complete technophobe. 🥴 Also. Just ticked the notifications below this message for email and here too. So 🤞🏼 Just obtained a small solar panel, Steca charge controller unit and battery for recording future WordPress linked podcasts when out in the VeeDub. Good luck to myself with that one then! 🤔🤞🏼 All the best.

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