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It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup?

Wow, it’s April already. The other day I was in the local hobby store and I hit up their scrapbook section looking to see if they have new paper. Happy days, they revamped their entire offerings. I have 5 new pages to use while photographing pens. I hope you enjoy them.

Last month I rotated in a Pilot Prera with a medium calligraphy nib. I found this pen to be a joy to write with. The nib is a little scratchy but that is because of the flat calligraphy nib. The Prera is now one of my favorite pens.

For this month I pulled out my Waterman Hemisphere with a medium nib. This is my original favorite pen. It’s been a couple years since last I used it and I was mortified. I forgot to clean it when I put the pen away, but it turned out to be no big deal.

As I recently received an order of ink samples from Vanness, now I am flush with new color choices. I opted for the Diamine Aurora Borealis, which happens to be very similar in color to the last ink I used in the pen.

The Hemisphere is working great, my Snoopy not so much. I thought the ink color complimented the pen color well.

After sitting dirty for 2 years, and a quick cleaning and the ink flowed immediately when the nib contacted the paper.

So, what’s in your pen cup?


I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

3 thoughts on “It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup?

  1. I have my TWSBI Diamond 580 Smoke Rose Gold (EF), Diamond 580 RBT (EF), and Platinum Procyon Turquoise (F), along with two vintage-era Esterbrook SJs (Blue, 2048; Burgundy 2556). These are the ones I reach for first. ^_^

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    1. Very good. I have a TWSBI Eco that needs to make it back into rotation. I am loving this Pilot CM nib. Also, have a vintage Esterbrook SJ (9556) – has my red ink and a Lady Shaeffer Skripsert (I like the periwinkle color). Thanks for visting.


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