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Our Personalities, They Determine Our Collections

I’d like to apologize in advance for this, while researching this topic I read a bunch of psychology articles. In light of my “hobby personality” test, that’s not surprising…….more on that later.

Let’s begin with our collections of pens, they can speak volumes about us. Just consider the ramifications of pens selected to be in the collection, the pens you chose to leave out, how the collection is organized and lastly what is on display for others to see. Do we collect purely for the satisfaction of seeking and owning pens? Duh, yeah! Is it more exact to say, some collect for possible financial gain, the pleasure, an opportunity to meet others, to preserve history, the thrill of tracking down the item, or the organizational aspect.

Unconscious Behavioral Residue”

The pen collector is perhaps one of the better examples of unconscious behavioral residue; the commitment of time, the level of effort and the attention to detail that goes into curating and organizing a collection illuminates that collector. There are five personality traits associated with collecting: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism (not my words). It may come as no surprise that those who are very particular about the organization of their collection are more likely to be very conscientiousness, compared to someone whose collection is not really organized. They tend to be more associated with openness, and tend to fill their collection with a greater variety of pens, inks and journals.

The Darkside

For those who collect anything, there is a fine line between healthy activity and mental health issues. “Collectors” can be classified as hoarders when their behavior affects their daily life. Not to say that every person who has a passion for collecting struggles with their mental health. – Wait my wife already thinks I have issues. – I imagine there are people who have used this hobby to improve their quality of life, crediting their collection for introducing them to wonderful people all over the world who share their love of pens. There is my wife looking at me making a “L” on her forehead (LOL).

“Feeling Regulators”

The pens in our collections probably meet some emotional need, no I’m not saying we are all shallow or in need of a “blankie.” It could be a pen that’s tied to a strong memory, or associated with someone special to you, or you simply just “love” it. For many, there’s a healthy dose of nostalgia tied to our collections. There will be pens that serve as “conscious identity claims,” simply put, how we want others to perceive us.

If you read this far it’s time for some fun, below I’ve found three tests for your entertainment and personal enlightenment. Ready to learn what hobbies (other than collecting pens) suits your personality?

Your next hobby should be? My results “Baking”. Eating yeah, not doing.

Your perfect hobby based on personality My results “Academics” nuts on.

What hobby should you try? My results “Music” Listening.

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I'm a loser as my wife likes to tell me, I enjoy researching dead cousins and playing with fountain pens.

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