Chronicles of a Fountain Pen

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Welcome to the dog days of summer. Beginning of the month I bad-mouthed my Esterbrook JR Pocket pen. It simply stopped writing. I decided to give it a more honest review and another chance.

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Next up: Katz Drugstore Lawsuit

Totally self-serving, I also write a blog featuring our French Bulldog puppy and her satirical view of the world. I am told it is really cute, funny and who doesn’t love pictures of puppies?

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Esterbrook Jr (‘J Reborn’) Pocket Pen

Back in the day (the 40s and 50s) the Esterbrook J series was as familiar as a Bic pen. They were affordable and dependable. Kenro Industries acquired the brand, making rebirth a tenant of the company’s vision. The JR Pocket Pen is modeled after the classic Esterbrook J.

Esterbrook – Made in England – Too

Esterbrook, America’s Original Pen Company by the 1930’s, they entered into licensing arrangements with John Mitchell to produce Esterbrook Pens to Birmingham, England. Then the acquisitions began. Sound interesting? Read on.

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Hi, I bought my first fountain pen in 2007, soon after Waterman Hemisphere became my pen of choice until the pandemic when i discovered vintage pens. I now exclusively use a 1928 Duofold Jr.. Read more