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Today, begins a new month, so what is in your pen cup, plus a review of the pen rotation and pen news.

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Next up: FTC lawsuit against “lifetime” and “Blue Diamond” guarantees.

Totally self-serving, I also write a blog featuring our French Bulldog puppy and her satirical view of the world. I am told it is really cute, funny and who doesn’t love pictures of puppies?

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It’s a new month, what’s in your pen cup?

It’s a new month and time to shelve your current choice of pens in favor of new pens or those that may be long forgotten and feeling neglected. Also, let’s review how did the pens from last month fared? A recap of the month’s postings and as always, if interested, read on.

Breathe, just Breathe(r Tube)

Breather tubes were unknown to me until I unexpectedly ran into one in a 1951 Park Parkette. I got to thinking “what are breather tubes and why are they only in some pens?”

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Hi, I bought my first fountain pen in 2007, soon after Waterman Hemisphere became my pen of choice until the pandemic when i discovered vintage pens. I now exclusively use a 1928 Duofold Jr.. Read more