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Today I am reviewing my Kaigelu 316A. Not a new pen, the pen released in 2014 but it is not the typical Chinese pen. In other reviews it is conisdered “highend.” My thoughts are for the price you can’t beat it.

Next up: Restoration of an Esterbrook Pastle

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Kaigelu 316A

Kaigelu 316 is not your typical Chinese fountain pen. It is a solid, quality pen at a bargain price.

Vintage Demonstrator

Curiosity about the workings of a pen is nothing new. Pen demonstrators have been produced by manufactures since the 1920’s. Initially, demonstrators were non-working models. Clear plastics and acrylic changed that. The early demonstrators are hard to find and expensive, so I made my own…..

About Me

Hi, I bought my first fountain pen in 2007, soon after Waterman Hemisphere became my pen of choice until the pandemic when i discovered vintage pens. I now exclusively use a 1928 Duofold Jr.. Read more