Welcome to a Fountain Pen Story

Hey there!

This week I wanted to revisit my Cyber Monday post about eco-friendly pens, paper & pencils. I put a crowbar in my wallet and my wife got me some for Christmas (that’s what I told her).

The results were surprising or should I say boring. I also learned I was ripped off by a seller. If interested please read on.

Next up: Using a Foutain Pen and being a Lefty is difficult, plus a guest pen review of an intro Lefty Pen by a Lefty.

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Eco Friendly Stuff, The Review

Eco-friendly pens, pencils, notebooks and stationary are more than a hip trend. I purchased some to evaluate their worthiness. Interested in how they did? Read on

Fountain Pen 101 Primer – How Does a Fountain Pen Work

It is interesting or shall I say surprising to me how many people don’t know how to use a fountain pen. The initial look of fear, confusion, followed by the exasperation “I don’t know how.” Thus, Part 1: Fountain Pen basics covers the basics of the nib, feed and ink reservoir.

Handmade Mottle Ebonite Pen

I feel like pens outta Asia (India and China) come with a stigma, but independent artisans working with small lathe machines, can and do produce high quality handmade fountain pens.

About Me

Hi, I bought my first fountain pen in 2007, soon after Waterman Hemisphere became my pen of choice until the pandemic when i discovered vintage pens. I now exclusively use a 1928 Duofold Jr.. Read more